I am a middle age divorcee, from an English speaking country, living in Israel, do not know Hebrew, and am in a relationship with a younger, Israeli man, in an inferior financial situation, who is pressing me to invest in a business project he wants to set up here in Israel. Is there any way I can remain in the relationship, but also protect myself financially, now and if things develop, in the direction of cohabitation or marriage?


Yes! By drawing up a financial agreement, which would include a separation of assets,other than what is specifically registered in joint names, and prevent him acquiring property rights, as a result of being a cohabitee, or married spouse. This is possible under Israeli law and the agreement should be professionally drafted, and authorized by the family court, to give it maximum legal validity. If your boyfriend refuses to co-operate, you would be justified in suspecting he is a” gold-digger”. If you pursue the relationship, as business or romantic partners, without an agreement to protect your interests, you would be unnecessarily exposing yourself to financial exploitation and even ruin.

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