Minor Religions

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Through the Kaadi synagogue in Ramla, although the divorce process there has not been formalised in the law.

Yes, at the family court.The vice-president will have to decide which court has jurisdiction to dissolve your marriage, but as Buddhism is not a recognised faith in Israel, whereas Islam is, he will decide that the family court has juisdiction over your divorce. If your husband agrees to divorce, the process will be smooth as mutual consent is sufficient grounds to end the marriage. Otherwise, you will have to prove you have divorce grounds, by means of presenting a legal opinion by an expert on the laws of marriage and divorce in the country where you married.

Yes, by mutual consent in the process of dissolution of marriage, at the family court. If he disagrees, you will have to proof you are entitled to divorce, according to the laws of the country where you got married.

Yes! The Baha'ai religion is not a recognised one, for aspects of personal status in Israel, although there is a temple in Haifa. You can, however, divorce by the civil process of dissolution of marriage, via the family court.