One Parent Families

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On the hand she does not have to deal with visitation - because unless this man is registered as the father, he does not have rights to see the child On the other, she cannot file him for child maintenance unless he is registered as her child's father.

Under Israeli legislation a child can be taken out of a parent's/parents' care and placed with a foster family or in an institution, if he is declared to be "needy" or "at risk", even if the parent/s object/s. You would be advised to get legal representation to object to any legal proceedings to do so, prevent the authorities proving their case and show that it is in your son's best interests to remain with you.

Yes – but only will only be entitled to get child maintenance if paternity is established. If you are a single mother you can file him for paternity and child maintenance at the family court, and it will order genetic testing if he disputes he is the father. Under Israeli law the obligation of a father to support a child is absolute,no matter whether the pregnancy was unintentional or related to lies, mistakes or promises concerning fertility and contraception.

Yes! The 1992 Single Parent Families' Act refers to a a 'parent', so that a father who is custodian and brings up his children has the same rights as a single-parent mother.

Only exceedingly rarely, in the most extreme cases, is a minor taken away from his/her parent, as a last resort, to make sure he is cared for and supervised, after he is declared to be 'a child in need' by the court. The fact that a single mother is of little means does not mean that she lacks parental ability. However, she may be a good mother but lack the financial means to take care of his physical needs, something which would justify him being placed with a foster family.

A school studies allowance towards schoolbooks and exercise books, for children aged 6-14,at the start of the school year.