What can be done to prevent the exposure of a vulnerable mother and her new baby to her ex-boyfriend and father of the child, who is addicted to drugs, who objected to the pregnancy in the first place, making various threats, and who, at present, demands to see his young daughter, and who plans on filing for visitation at the Israeli family court?


The mother can file for temporary and permanent orders to prevent the baby’s biological father from coming close to her and the child, and also request that visitation only take place under supervision, within the framework of these legal proceedings, or within a custody and/or visitation plea filed by her, or as part of her defence in contact proceedings that he may file against her.

She will need to describe the father’s relevant background and the danger he presents, being a drug addict. The court will most probably refer the parties to the court assistance unit, initially, and /or order a welfare officer’s report, with recommendations, together with granting a temporary order against the father.

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